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    Self-introduction (by the first "non-staff" member here)

    Well, due to this over-the-top gaming schedule, my family members usually say that my pc wakes up with me & goes to sleep with me šŸ˜…
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    Self-introduction (by the first "non-staff" member here)

    I just stumbled upon Daily Esports yesterday, though I have been following esports for years now. Though I have a daily 9-to-5 job in a field completely unrelated to esports or gaming, I am a self-declared "esports writer" and usually post on my blog page and Facebook page. I have also written...
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    What is a Niero? A miserable pile of robot parts

    WOW..!!:D 40 countries is really a lot. As I can't travel outside of my country due to financial constraints, I prefer to collect currencies of different countries meanwhile; which I have collected from friends and colleagues. Anyways, I am new here to Daily Esports (this is infact my first...