Concept to improve the interface of Pokémon Go Battle League


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Aug 6, 2020
Along with lag issues, gamers find the placement of buttons in the game problematic. Not only are mistakes made due to its positioning, but many feel that more information could also be displayed.

Pokémon change
The first part of the problem is changing Pokémon. Part of the GO Battle League strategy is to switch the Pokémon you are using at an optimal time to gain an advantage.

There are also times when you will have a type disadvantage and will need to replace it to avoid giving your opponent an easy victory. Being able to switch Pokémon quickly is vitally important, as every split second can make a huge difference.

The current user interface for switching Pokémon is a drop down menu. This means that you have to tap the drop-down menu before you are given the Pokémon options.

The problem here is that it takes two touches of the screen to switch. On top of this, you can't see your options until you tap on it, adding more time to the process.

The current drop-down menu also doesn't show the Pokémon's HP. You may have used one already and need to know what health it is left with, but obviously, through this menu, you can't find out. However, this could be an intentional and thoughtful mechanic. Perhaps Niantic intended for trainers to track their remaining health.

What they probably didn't do on purpose is make the Pokémon switch menu lock the attack buttons.

Other versions of Pokemon
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Aug 15, 2020
Never played this game but you definitely make a good point