How to fine tune our Email Notifications

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Apr 10, 2020
This post is going to feel a little like it's been copy/pasted in parts from the Destructoid forums, but that's only because that's exactly what I've done. Still, here's how you can disable email notifications from watched threads.

First off, go into your user account preferences, which can be found by clicking on your avatar on the forum page, or by following this link:


From there, you can disable email notifications with the following settings:


All right! Most of you have already figured that out. So let's get to the issue that many of you folks were dealing with; email notifications occurring even after disabling those options.

See, it was discovered by Enthusiast's tech folks that even if you disable these options, any post that you were still 'watching' will not have these settings applied to them automatically. That is to say, you have to manually opt out of notifications on watched threads.

To access your watched threads, simply follow this link right here:

You can also access that using the forum's menu sidebar thingy.


From there, it's as easy as clicking on a dropdown menu.


For more information, Xenforo (our forum backend software) has a support page right here:

Hope that helps! <3
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