I think Valorant need a critical rework


New member
Jul 13, 2020
Valorant is good idea of game but there are a lot of thing that need to be reworked
1. some heroes is overpowered like Raze and Reyna, i know that heroes some kinda of dd (and why other dd is not so damageble like them)but if you make a game and not punishing people that leave or ruin the game when you should cooperate with teammates that unbased
2. I think almost every replicas is cringe
(I know thats kinda opinionbased and this is my opinion)
3. Battle pass is kinda expensive and other gun passes
4. More maps pls and not god damn Ascent
1. I like the styles of heroes kinda sharped thats great
2. Your potato can play this game
3. Maps are good (except Ascent)
4. Good moduses of game ( like fast spike system of bonuses i like tat)

Thats some kinda ending ive gonna say that Valorant got a great base but if make a game for audience it never be popular for everybody so thats why Valorant is slowly dying