Interview for school project


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Mar 20, 2021
Hey I'm doing a school project on different communities within the online or local world and I decided to choose eSports as my topic. As this forums is a good depiction of an eSports community I was seeing if anyone would be interested in answering a couple questions based on how they participate or see the community as a whole. A response to this thread would be perfect or if anyone would also be interested in an audio interview that would be great as well! If you are, please add your discord into the comments below and I can get back to you either today or tomorrow to get it set up! Thanks you!

What are things about the eSports community that draws you to it?

How many different games or titles do each of you participate/are interested in?

Would you say there is feud between games or cliques inside the community?

Does the location of where you play or meetup matter in the grand scheme of things aka. does it impact you playing at home vs playing somewhere like a meetup or house for example?

Typically, are there set times you guys get on to play or is gathering people together typically an issue?

How much time spent together is actually spent playing video games?

What do you guys spend time outside of games together?

What does your typical day look like altogether?

Thank you again!