New COD Esports Community


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Oct 20, 2020
Havoc is an Idea that HellBound had had had for years now. It is an idea that has always been in the back of his head but has never known where to start. Until Now.
Welcome to Havoc ESports.
Havoc ESports is a Gaming Community Heavily Revolved Around COD. It is a Community that is Occupied by Passionate people that have a love for the game and want a safe and fun enviroment to play COD. Well now they have it.

We Offer Active Staff that Watch over Chat and Make sure everyone is having a good time!
We Offer Many Gaming Lobbies Including Lobbies for other games that you might want to play when taking a breather from COD. T

his Discord Offers many Unique Features Including an All New Bot @Havoc MW Bot This bot Allows you to Register Your Blizzard, PS4 or XBOX account into their system and Keep track of your stats in a Safe and Ultra Organized Manner!
We Have replaced the Plain and Overused Rythm Bot with @Havoc Music Bot. This Bot allows you to play music right off of your spotify playlist and even play your favorite playlist while your gaming! If you do not choose to use this bot or have a spotify account you can use the @MEE6 bot to play Songs off Youtube or Spotify.

One Special Thing that we Offer is Invite Tournaments. This is something that no other gaming team/clan that we know of has. Invite Tournaments are going to allow players from this community to be Invited to Tournaments that we set up for Prizes or Online Tournaments to Look for Players to Recruit!
We Also Have Other Lounges if You want to Kick Back and Relax with your Friends in our Music Lounge or you Have a Large Party of Friends that just wanna Hangout and Talk in our Party Lounge!